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RESTORE  Engine  Restorer ®


Friction gradually wears out your car's engine resulting in thousands of microscopic leaks between the piston rings and cylinder walls.  This causes a loss of compression during the compression stroke and excessive blow-by during the combustion stroke.

As engines go beyond 100k miles the cylinders have typically lost between 10% to 25% of original cylinder compression. Each cylinder wears out differently so compression levels can vary as much as 60 PSI between cylinders in the same engine.

Compression loss results in less horsepower generated by the engine, and an increased rate of oil consumption and sludge formation due to blow-by.

RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant® is the only product that repairs worn cylinders and restores compression back to near original levels.  That means your car will have more horsepower, less oil burning, better fuel mileage and smoother operating performance with compression balanced across all cylinders.

In addition RESTORE is an EP (extreme pressure) lubricant that helps protect engine parts from excessive wear under normal and severe operating conditions.

For more than 30 years, RESTORE has improved performance and extended life in millions of engines.  Available at Walmart and all Automotive retail stores.